Experience the most unique blend of wellness, revitalization and luxury in Austin

Turn back the clock by treating the causes of aging rather than the symptoms

Our Proven Method

Medical Experts

Board-certified providers and licensed medical professionals perform all procedures and services.

Cutting-edge techniques

Treatments based on the latest research in cell therapy, anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

Integrated locations

On-site partners expand wellness options from chiropractic and massage to fitness and nutrition.

The Vitality Protocol

Determining the optimal path to your destination requires first understanding where you are. The analysis phase is where we gather information to plot the best course to achieve your wellness goal

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Priming involves readying your body for action. It's the "pre-work" before the real work begins. For some wellness plans, the priming phase will solve all the problems. For others, it will simply be the warm up

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With the body primed, we now focus on energizing the body at the molecular level. The secret to the body's capacity to repair itself is having abundant energy to do so

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Now that your body is energized, the next step is to eradicate the roadblocks to success. These environmental, microbial and cellular barriers can derail any wellness journey. This powerful phase puts you on the fast track to sustained wellness

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This is where everything comes together. With a clear plan from the outset, an energized vessel and a course cleared of toxic hazards, you are ready to achieve the ultimate level of vitality, no matter your age

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How We Can Help You


Specialized testing and therapies to enhance mental focus, prevent cognitive decline and track improvement over time.


Treatments to enhance energy production, cell repair, immune function, and circulation to prevent chronic disease and maintain mobility and agility.


Treatments to enhance collagen formation, maintain youthful skin, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and enhance volume in the face and lips.

What People Are Saying About Vessel Longevity

Kortney Surratt

I was suffering severe dehydration from food poisoning. Dr. Ofobike was wonderful and gave me the “eye opener” IV to treat my nausea. I started feeling better before I left and am so thankful. Highly recommended!

Melissa Hergenreder

Trianna was amazing! No pain at all during injections. She was sweet and patient and made me feel beautiful! Can’t wait to go back!

Samantha Jolene

Wonderful staff. Super informative! They give you refreshments and the chairs are super comfortable, electric recliners. Best pricing I’ve found so far. All IVs are custom mixed on the spot. Definitely recommend.

PA Family

Awesome and relaxing atmosphere. We were able to utilize the group room and watch a movie while getting hydrated and energized. This will definitely be a 1-2/month experience for us! HIGHLY recommend!

Mark Mason

Wow! What a great experience. They brought me back to life. Definitely use the Pemf chair. It’s worth it! I’ll be back again soon.

Brian Taylor

Great experience for my first time. Very conveniently located while other kids are at dance and hockey can swing by and get what I need. Very professional and quick. Thank you guys.

Douglas Tony Mejia

Been a customer for a few months I’ve tried the injections and IV’s. I gotta say I ram loving the results physically and mentally. Oh and the staff is top notch. I highly recommend The Vessel if you seek wellness.

Kerrington Hill

It’s hard to describe the initial shock of how wonderful it felt. I’m not saying this cures insomnia, but I have been able to go to sleep two hours earlier and I do not wake up throughout the night. :) I highly recommend The Glow as a first time experience!

Aliah Smith

The Vessel is so awesome. I had the Gainzilla IV treatment and I feel amazing! The process was quick and fairly painless. Great experience all around, will be back soon.

Featured Treatments

Take care of yourself. You've earned it.

Restoring your mind and body is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Make it a habit. Make it a priority. You won't regret it.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is Vessel ATX located?


We are located in Cedar Park at The Crossover off Hwy 183-A, across from the HEB Center.


Who performs your treatments?


The Vessel crew is led by a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and includes experienced registered nurses, licensed EMTs and LVNs.


How much is a consultation?


Every consultation visit for general wellness, hormone health, musculoskeletal pain, aesthetics or body sculpting is absolutely free.


What treatments do you offer?


Our focus is health and wellness treatments to promote longevity, including brain, body and beauty services.


Do you accept insurance?


We do not accept insurance, but services can be purchased with HSA/FSA cards. We also accept CareCredit® credit cards and offer financing through PatientFi®.


How long does an IV infusion take?


Most IV cocktails are one liter bags and take 35-50 minutes to infuse. NAD+ and EDTA chelation may take from 2.5 to 4 hours to complete.