Our Treatments


Full testing capabilities to identify nutritional, immune, hormonal, cognitive and vascular deficits.

Healthier aging and better living with natural hormone replacement.

Lab testing: $200 | Pellet insertion (men): $750 | Pellet insertion (women): $350

Fight cellular aging and boost energy production.

Starting at $399

Harness biologic nanoparticles to enhance the body's natural ability to repair.

Starting at $3500

Remove heavy metals from your system with chelation therapy.


Natural and holistic treatment with CBD.


Burn fat permanently. Tone and sculpt muscle. All with no down time.

Starting from $375

Stay on the move and pain-free utilizing cutting edge non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical treatments provided by our board-certified orthopedic surgeon.

Varies depending on treatment selected

Two distinct programs developed for lasting and significant weight loss.

From $225

Find the perfect combination of hydration and wellness, fully customizable to suit your needs.

Starting at $79

Quick boost of nutrients in fewer than 10 minutes!


Energize Your Body With Cellular Exercise.

$75 for 60 minutes without IV services, $40 add-on with IV services

Enhance your wellness with a full line of clinical-grade nutraceuticals from BioTE!

Tackle the root cause of many diseases with activated carbon nutraceuticals from Cellcore Biosciences.



Skin rejuvenation with minimally invasive collagen induction therapy.

Starting at $399

Free head to toe aesthetic consultation.