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Two distinct weight loss programs

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Our weight loss clinic provides a variety of weight loss treatments to meet your specific needs. Get a consultation and find out how much weight loss costs and what is included.

One80 Lifestyle Reset Program                                                PURCHASE

Vessel proudly partners with Prime My Body to offer their ONE80 Lifestyle Reset Program. We know how distressing it can be when your weight and self-perception are not where you want them to be. ONE80 isn’t about addressing one area of health, but instead is a 30-day system that helps transform the body, foster positive feelings about yourself, and supports a long-term lifestyle of ideal health. The revolutionary hemp-based supplements and diet plan which make up the One80 program can be purchased here under Products. Become a VIP member for wholesale pricing.

What is the One80 program? Watch below.

What are people who have completed their One80 saying? Find out below.

ProLon FastMimicking Diet®                                                      PURCHASE

While many people will be excited for a radical lifestyle change with ONE80, not everyone will be ready to completely alter their diet, exercise and habits for 30 days. Vessel also offers a 3 month weight loss program through our partnerships with BioTE, L-Nutra and Tailor Made Health.

ProLon® is a 5-day dietary program carefully designed to nourish and rejuvenate your body while supporting metabolic balance.

The ProLon FastingMimicking Diet® provides many health benefits of fasting while providing nutrition to help fight hunger, lose weight and protect lean body mass. Get a trimmer waistline and many of the associated benefits of fasting without requiring ongoing lifestyle changes, such as long-term dieting.* ProLon may be purchased for home delivery here.

* Benefits seen in a clinical study of the 5-day ProLon cycle once a month for three months.

In addition to Prolon®, we incorporate peptide injections of sermorelin/glycine which acts in a similar fashion to growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) to enhance energy, burn fat, increase lean muscle and improve sleep quality.

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