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Identify your specific needs with individualized testing

What's Included



Testing & Analysis

Full testing capabilities to identify nutritional, immune, hormonal, cognitive and vascular deficits.

No treatment protocol can be effective without first determining what problem is being treated. We offer one-on-one consultation to identify your specific health and wellness goals. At that point, we have many options for lab, radiologic, cognitive and vascular testing to further define the issue so we can tailor an individualized treatment plan to you meet those goals. Once we establish a baseline prior to treatment, ongoing testing can confirm how treatment is progressing.

Examples of available testing include:

Biochemical testing: Evaluates a range of neurodegenerative indicators, including heavy metal exposures, food and environmental allergens, nutrient deficiencies and inflammation markers.

Cognitive testing: an online battery of tests helps identify areas for cognitive improvement. Repeating the testing after a course of treatment helps track progress over time.

Vascular testing: specialized, non-invasive FDA cleared technology allows us to determine the general flexibility of your blood vessels to determine your risk for vascular events (ie, heart attack, stroke) in the future. Our anti-aging interventions can help to reduce this risk which is demonstrated by improved scores on the vascular test.

Radiographic testing: whether you need an x-ray, CT scan, ultrasound or MRI to identify to root of your musculoskeletal problem, our board-certified orthopedic surgeon can order and interpret the best imaging to create the ideal non-surgical treatment plan to get you back to the activities you enjoy.

Hormone testing: get a comprehensive blood test in our location to evaluate thyroid, vitamin D, vitamin B12, testosterone and estrogen levels, in addition to basic blood counts, liver enzymes, and chemistries. Results are typically back within 48 hours. Testing is the first step to determine whether natural hormone replacement may be right for you.

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BrainTesting & Analysis

Full testing capabilities to identify nutritional, immune, hormonal, cognitive and vascular deficits.