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Get your life back with natural hormone replacement

What's Included


Consultation: $250 | Lab testing: $200 | Pellet insertion (men): $750 | Pellet insertion (women): $350


Hormone Replacement Therapy Austin

Get a doctor's approval and find out which hormone replacement therapy is right for you. Vessel Longevity Austin is the best hormone therapy clinic in the state of Texas.

Wondering if hormone replacement may be right for you? Try our hormone quiz now

Our hormone health seminar will teach you about hormone imbalance, how it can affect your long-term health and how Vessel Longevity can optimize your life and your health with natural hormone replacement.

Want to know more about hormone optimization with BioTE? Watch this video featuring BioTE's founder!

Low energy. Afternoon fatigue. Poor sleep. Mood swings. Depression. Anxiety. Irritability. Brain fog. Poor concentration. Stubborn weight. Decreased sex drive.
All of these may be symptoms of hormone deficiency in men AND women, and you may not even know you have it. Did you know optimal hormone balance may significantly IMPROVE the quality of your life from enhancing how you think and feel to preventing heart disease, osteoporosis and Alzheimer's disease?

Vessel Longevity is BioTE® Medical certified, providing hormone lab testing and non-synthetic bioidentical hormone replacement focused on optimizing testosterone, estrogen and thyroid hormone. Our implanted pellet therapy typically needs to be placed 2-3 times per year in men and 3-4 times per year in women.

hormone replacement therapy austin

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