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Assist the body in its ability to repair itself

What's Included

Nanoparticles in IV, topical or injectable form


Starting at $3500


Nanoparticle Infusions

Harness biologic nanoparticles to enhance the body's natural ability to repair.

Derived from multipotential stromal cells (MSC), nanoparticles are signaling proteins and growth factors which interact with surrounding cells to assist in the body's ability to perform its own corrective processes. They often include growth factors with anti-inflammatory properties and have been used to help combat fatigue and brain fog. At Vessel, we employ nanoparticles in various ways to maximize their healing potential.

• IV nanoparticle infusions: Full body, systemic exposure to nanoparticles which may enhance the entire body's natural corrective mechanisms. Nanoparticles can cross the blood-brain barrier which may promote endogenous benefits of neural tissues in the brain and spinal cord.

• Localized nanoparticle injections: Joint and musculoskeletal tissues may be aided by injection of nanoparticles with platelet rich plasma (PRP) and/or ozone during a joint injection. This tissue support matrix may help the body's natural corrective mechanisms in arthritic joints or for tendon, ligament or muscle injuries.

• Topical nanoparticles: When used in medical aesthetic procedures, nanoparticles can penetrate directly into the skin during microneedling treatments to aid the body's natural collagen and elastin formation and help correct deficiencies in skin cells.

* for educational purposes only. Actual nanoparticle products may vary

** nanoparticle therapy is considered investigational. Their use is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any specific condition

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